NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull



NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull.

  • The product is made from mica plastic.
  • The printed design is clear to ensure no color is faded.
  • Printable area: 2-side printable; 3×3 inches sheet.
  • All the molds will be put into 85x85mm plastic sheet for cutting.
  • A hole and twinkle thread attached to strap.
  • Production Time: 2-6 business days

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NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull


Whether your Christmas decorations this year will be limited to a beautiful Christmas tree in the hallway, or will include the garden, front porch, living room and more – choosing Christmas ornaments can be either a major challenge or huge fun. Our tips below aim to remove some of the challengesm and bring back more of the fun.

Why do I need a theme for my Christmas decorations? – NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

Once you have decided on a theme, it creates a central look that ties all the different decorations together. Choosing a theme for your Christmas decorations will immediately give you a clearer idea on what types of Christmas ornaments you should buy, as well as the colors, textures and materials.

How to define a Christmas theme with color? – NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

Colors can play a very important role in defining your Christmas theme. If you decide to go the classic route, for example, greens, reds and golds are old stalwarts. If you want more of a modern twist, neutral or white colors combined with white Christmas lights could be the best choice. And for an even more colorful twist, throw in some purples and blues along with a few silver and white ornaments. Mixing gold and teal accents create a similarly modern, yet stylish look.

How to create a traditional Christas theme with ornaments? – NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

Nostalgia often plays a major role during the festive season, and this theme touches on both new traditions and ones from the distant past. This is probably one of the most popular themes one sees in homes throughout the country Christmas after Christmas.
NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

Popular colors here include lush greens, ruby reds and teals layered with touches of copper and gold. To create a traditional theme, mix natural materials such as a hand-crafted wool Christmas stocking with rich velvets. Traditional ball baubles, star baubles, red and white ball ornaments, hanging figurines, plastic sleighs with trees are all evergreen options. And don’t forget the Merry Christmas wood photo ornament.

When is a snowscape theme a good idea for Christmas ornaments? – NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

This theme is both beautiful and understated. It combines the serenity of a snowy landscape with the playfulness of your favorite childhood memories. The textures, mood and colors here reflect icicles, crunchy snow and the joys of building snowmen.

Set the scene for this theme with a mix of natural materials, glistening whites and silver, and snowy white animal baubles. LED icicle lights, a silver fairy tree topper, and a snowscape dog decoration will all fit in perfectly with this theme.

NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

If you love nature and gardening, this might well be one of the best choices for your Christmas decorations theme. It brings the outdoors into your home by using natural materials and hints of greenery to create a peaceful, serene ambiance. If you’ve had a stressful year, this theme will surround you and your family with calm and the peace that should be a hallmark of every Christmas.

How to create a garden retreat theme with Christmas ornaments? – NFL Chicago Bears Xmas Ornament Skull

You can achieve this by adding a touch of greenery to your Christmas ornaments. Examples include wreaths layered with acorns and pine cones, as well as a couple of vegetable and fruit baubles. More options here could include pine cone ball ornaments, bird figurines, and a few glass ball ornaments depicting a beautiful farm garden or similar garden theme.

You can even extend the theme to the garden (outside) by introducing outdoor lighting to further build on the whole ‘tranquil environment’ idea.

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