Skeleton anatomy casual shoes



Features of: Skeleton anatomy casual shoes

  • Elastic stretch V for easy on-and-off use
  • Soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort
  • High quality canvas construction for everyday use and durable EVA outsole for exceptional traction
  • Production time: 10 days
  • Shipping time: 7 – 15 days

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CASUAL SHOES – Skeleton anatomy casual shoes

Meritorious American comic actor George Gobel said: “Did you ever get the feeling about the world being a tuxedo and you being a pair of brown shoes?” Well, let’s leave that thought for the philosophers to ponder, and talk about men’s casual shoes and boots.

What’s the main difference between men’s dress shoes and men’s casual shoes?

It really boils down to the type of men’s suit, sports jacket, or blazer you intend to wear them with. It would take a large, comprehensive book to cover all the types and styles of casual footwear, so we’ll stick to basics.

For the fashion forward gent, moccasins and tassel & penny loafers work perfectly. If you prefer a more casual option, Converse’s classic chucks and Timberland’s line of loafers and boat shoes are better options.

As you do your shopping, remember the local climate and culture influence your choice of casual footwear. For example, men who work in the dry heat and dust of the Australian Outback are more likely to choose roper boots.

GET OUT OF YOUR RUT – Skeleton anatomy casual shoes

It’s time to move out of your comfort zone and on beyond a good pair of sneakers. Think about an option like saddle shoes that, while fancier, is more stylish. With proper care, they’ll give you years of service.

Skeleton anatomy casual shoes
skeleton anatomy casual shoes

Opt for boat shoes instead of sandals; you can wear these without socks and save you the embarrassment of displaying any dirty toe nails to the world. Additionally, boat shoes always look good paired with rolled up chinos and a linen jacket or blazer.

STEP INTO MEN’S CASUAL SHOES – Skeleton anatomy casual shoes

Buy as many casual shoes as your lifestyle demands and your budget allows. Spend more on muted colours that are always in style. Budget-friendly colour choices are:




Navy blue

As you grow your shoe collection, you may want to add assorted low tone colours. Since it’s tough to match vividly coloured shoes, and they may distract attention from a handsome suit, you may want to avoid those. Additionally, the unusual colour limits their use and functionality.

Skeleton anatomy casual shoes

Replace worn out footwear – think torn or permanently stained shoes – immediately. While men’s casual shoes need not have a lustre like dress shoes, they still need to be neat, clean and presentable. Keep rotating your shoes and keep your unused pairs in a dry place for airing them. Airing your shoes regularly prevents the growth of moulds and bad odour.

Hardy Amies famously said, “It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes.” So follow his advice, invest your budget dollars in quality footwear, and protect your investment with the appropriate care and maintenance.

Skeleton anatomy casual shoes
skeleton anatomy casual shoes

Skeleton anatomy casual shoes

Shoes, pocket squares or timepieces, and even ties are only as attractive as the canvas on which they are displayed – your men’s clothing. Just as you invest in quality shoes to get the highest return on your dollars spent, it’s smart to make the same monetary commitment to your business suits and shirts and other garments.

When only the best will do, many men find themselves turning to the experts at Montagio Custom Tailoring. Schedule a personal consultation for a wardrobe makeover today. You’ll be glad you did!

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