The Bigbang Theory 3d Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt Christmas



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Comfortable and versatile, this sweater is perfect on its own or as a layer under a blazer or jacket. This casual wardrobe-essential comes in a lightweight fabric perfect for comfortable everyday wear.

  • 60% cotton – 30% acrylic – 10% Spandex.
  • Wool active fiber is used to react to your body’s temperature, thus keeping you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.
  • Dye-sublimation printing, Machine wash cold, only non-chlorine bleach when needed, hang dry, cool iron on the reverse side or dry clean
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 3-6 Business Days
  • 2-6 days additional delayed due to Covid-19

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The Bigbang Theory 3d Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re like most people, you probably have a few ugly Christmas sweaters lying around your closet. If you’re looking to avoid such embarrassment this year, consider printing your own sweater in 3d. There are a number of 3d printing services available that allow you to print your own sweater with precision. Not only will you be able to avoid the embarrassment of an ugly sweater at Christmas, but you will also save money in the process.

What is a 3d print?

A 3D print is a process that creates an object from a digital representation of the object. The digital representation is then used to create a physical object. 3D printing technology has been around for many years, but it has recently become more popular. There are several different types of 3D printers, but all of them use similar technology.

3D printing is used to create objects from digital models. A digital model is an image or data that represents the object you want to print. You can create a digital model using software, or you can buy a pre-made model. Models can be in any format, including .STL and .OBJ files.

Once you have your digital model, you need to prepare the printer for printing. You need to select the type of printer and determine its settings. You also need to provide the printer with the raw materials (such as plastic) and the instructions for printing the model.

The printer uses laser light and heat to melt the plastic and form the object. Some printers use multiple colors of laser light to produce different colors in the finished product. Other printers use heat only to smooth out imperfections in the plastic while it is being melted down.

The Bigbang Theory 3d Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt Christmas

How does a 3d print work?

Christmas is a time for family, friends and fun. For some people, that means spending lots of money on gifts for others. But what about the person who doesn’t have a lot of money? Or the person who just doesn’t want to spend hours shopping?

One way to avoid spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts is to 3d print them yourself! With a 3d printer, you can create custom items quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works: First, download the specific file you want to print. Next, install the appropriate software on your computer. (There are many different 3d printing programs available online.) Once you’ve installed the program, open it up and select your desired file from your hard drive. Next, click on the “print” button and wait for the printer to start working!

3d printing isn’t just for Christmas gifts! You can use it to create anything you can imagine – from toys to clothes to accessories. So why not give 3d printing a try this holiday season?


If you’re looking for a unique, personalized Christmas gift, why not consider printing an ugly sweater sweatshirt of your favorite character from The Big Bang Theory? With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone on your list. And if you’re worried about making the sweaters in time for Christmas, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with our quick and easy 3d print instructions. So go ahead and get printing!

The Bigbang Theory 3d Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt Christmas

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