What To Wear In Summer

What To Wear In Summer

Thinking about what to wear in summer can be challenging. You reveal more about yourself and your body than in any other season and have fewer layering tricks at your disposal to either cover up certain parts or create a nice silhouette.

What To Wear In Summer – Putting Together Summer Outfits

It’s also harder to create a ‘new’ look every day, since you can’t really play too much with jackets, layers and scarves.

Since I have been living in very hot weather year round for many years now, I have become very familiar with summer dressing, so here are some of my best tips & tricks for dressing for this season.

1. Use Interesting Design Details For Your Summer Clothes

What To Wear In Summer

If you are only wearing one layer, make it as interesting as possible. I often choose tops that have an interesting design detail.

My top (above) has a twist detail which adds interest even though I’m simply wearing a gray top and white pants. Look out for an interesting drape, asymmetrical detail or pattern.

All you need is a good basic bottom like some nice white trousers or skirt and you will look, modern, polished yet remain cool.

What To Wear In Summer
What To Wear In Summer

Dudo (above) chooses a tie-waist top to add interest to her monochrome outfit

2. Dress In Very Thin Layers In Your Summer Wear For Women.

What To Wear In Summer

This is easy to do when you have a few very thin blouses or tunics. It doesn’t matter if they are see-through because you will be wearing it with either your bikini or singlet underneath.

3. Hide Those Bra Straps When Wearing Summer Style

What To Wear In Summer

I personally don’t like to see bra straps. If you are wearing a unique top, make sure that you have a bra that can be worn invisible underneath.

What To Wear In Summer
What To Wear In Summer

You can either buy a bra that can be worn in several ways or buy a bra clip like this one. This can be used with almost every bra.

4. Invest In A Few Good Dresses

Cute Summer Outfits – The Dresses You Need What To Wear In Summer

Nothing is as easy and glamorous and cool as a good summer dress. Ideally you will have at least 5 dresses

1. A High Summer Beach Dress.

This dress can be shorter than your other dresses and is easy to wash, doesn’t wrinkle too easily and is not too precious.

Choose a dress that will be perfect for the beach but can also be used as a tunic worn over pants for casual clothes

When I go to the beach I prefer to cover up rather than expose all my upper skin to the sun.

I could easily wear my tunic (above) with a pair of cropped pants, white jeans or leggings.

You can combine with either shorts or a long skirt if you like to cover up your legs as well.

2. A Summer Day Dress

This dress should be the perfect dress for casual get-togethers during the day.

This could be a nice wrap dress in cotton jersey or a casual shift dress. Asymmetry will add interest to an otherwise simply day dress.

I’ve also found myself more drawn to patterned and floral dresses this year

3. A Work Dress

A traditional shift dress that looks both professional and conservative and that can be easily combined with a jacket or cardigan

4. A Dress For The Evening

A dress that is a bit more special than your day and work dress. Silk is my preferred material for a special dress in summer and ideally it’s asymmetrical too! Since I believe in wearing your nice clothes as often as possible

5. A Maxi Dress

You may also want to add a maxi dress to your summer outfit choices. They can be a particularly good option for vacation time as they manage to be easy-to-wear yet glamorous at the same time

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Silk When Choosing Summer Clothes For Women

What To Wear In Summer

I have mentioned silk a few times already. Together with good quality cotton it is my preferred material for summer.

It’s cool, has a beautiful natural shine and it looks and feels sublime. If you can combine that with tip number 2, you have a true winner on your hands!

A common complaint is that silk is too precious for summer and that it requires too much care.

However, I am able to wash all my silk clothes by hand. Yes, it’s more work, but not as expensive as dry cleaning.

Although all silk items will always have the ‘dry cleaning’ advice for washing, I personally don’t believe it’s necessary so long as you purchase silk of good quality.

Of course, you will have to do this at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility if this does not work for you! (just sharing how I personally manage my silk items).

It’s true of course that silk is more expensive. But I feel it’s worth investing is one special dress that will make you feel wonderful. When you look after your dress well, it can last for many years.

6. Summer Outfit Ideas: Cover Up In Smart Ways

What To Wear In Summer

Ann Klein cowl neck top – Eileen Fisher asymmetrical drape top – Chaus shark bite top – Ann Klein asymmetrical tunic top

In summer you need to be even smarter with the types of clothes you choose when you want to cover up certain areas.

I personally don’t believe in using shape wear too much as it’s far too hot and uncomfortable.

Instead choose smart tops, skirts and dresses that drape in all the right areas to cover up any bulges. Asymmetric dresses and tops are usually very good at doing that.

Have a look at the following articles too:

– How to cover up your upper arms while staying stylish and cool

– How to hide your belly with the right clothes

7. Dress For Your Body Type When Choosing Summer Fashion

What To Wear In Summer

In this season in particular, it’s very important to dress for your body type.

Look at some of the guidelines in my articles on the pear, appleinverted trianglehourglass and rectangular shape.

Apples for example look much better in tops that are fitted around the bust and wider around the tummy. The same counts for dresses. Here are also some tips on how to wear capris the right way.

8. Use Accessories, Shoes, Color, Pattern And Graphics To Make Casual Summer Outfits More Interesting

What To Wear In Summer

Accessorizing and playing with colors and patterns is the perfect way to make your summer outfit more interesting.

  • Play with color blocking
  • Add a belt in a print
  • Add interest with a brightly colored scarf (for lots of example see how to wear scarves)
  • Use the scarf itself as a top
  • Add color with a bag
  • Use a statement necklace
  • Get some colorful standout shoes
  • When wearing flats make sure they are cute. You may check these cute sandals for summer

9. Have Fun With Sunglasses With Your Summer Wear

What To Wear In Summer

Sunglasses are the perfect way to cover up your wrinkles and dark circles around the eye for a young and hip look.

Use them in abundance in summer, if only to protect your eyes of the sun and harmful rays and have fun with colors and shapes.

10. Wear White In Your Summer Outfits For Women

What To Wear In Summer

White is your best friend in summer. It is the most versatile color to wear and whenever I don’t know what to wear I turn to it.

Combine with almost every color and pattern in your closet for a clean, modern look! Or while all white.

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